About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we provide senior level transitional support to companies requiring capital, management, and/or planning to achieve targeted business objectives. At our very essence, we provide “transition” to firms which find themselves at a crossroads. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we provide a smorgasbord of services without asking you, our client, to pay for them unless you use them. Transition Partners relies upon existing, well-known relationships with other experts who act as “partners” in working with us to serve your exact needs. Thus, we act as “transition partners” for you and your firm in completing the project or process you require us to accomplish now… or in the future.

What We Do

We serve you, the client. We do not take over the management of your business nor make your decisions. We offer advice, counsel, and, where appropriate, influence. By assembling a variety of core competencies through our partners, we provide you a complete array of inter-related services, without a large overhead cost structure. These services fall within the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Capital formation
  • Shareholder relations
  • Organizational development
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Analytical research

Principally through Terry Schreier, Transition Partners offers over 20 years of business and strategic legal experience in the healthcare and high-technology development fields. In making such varied expertise available to you, we work to rapidly, but effectively, achieve mutually-agreed-upon goals. By bringing together highly-skilled resources as necessary, we enhance our chances of helping you achieve your goals.

Our partners are located throughout the U.S., and are skilled and accomplished professionals in established firms. Each has demonstrated a true proficiency and competency base. We have worked and have a reciprocal relationship with them. In this fashion, we insure consistency of quality in providing support to all of our clients. Be assured that Transition Partners serves in the very center of all our relationships. As the pivot of this expertise, we assure that our services are closely integrated and directly relevant to your goals.

How We Work

Transition Partners is dedicated, selective, and focused. We limit the number of clients and assignments we undertake at any given time. We pride ourselves in our intensity of action and we intend to stay focused in this way. We believe in “risk sharing” in the outcome and probability of success which Transition Partners provides our clients. By sharing in the risk of implementing new processes or completing important projects for our clients, we like to share in their ownership or “equity”. This approach assures the successful transition of your firm to its next level of productivity and success. We are also paid in a non-conventional way. Rather than requiring traditionally burdensome cash retainers or large monthly payments, we remain flexible. We openly encourage sharing in the equity ownership of our client companies. Because we are highly selective as to the firms with which we work, we remain committed to insure your success.

Whom We Serve

Our clients are, for the most part, rooted in the healthcare or high-technology fields. As such, the ever-changing technology, economic, and regulartory climate in which we live continually creates borders, barriers, and limits for those firms with which we have been associated in senior management roles for over two decades. We have always viewed the resolution of these obstacles as simply creating opportunities for our clients. This approach dramatically expands the vistas and alternatives available. It also produces energizing results.

Our Approach

We are direct in our assessment of your issues. We are time and events driven in the accomplishments of your projects or processes. We constantly re-focus and clarify the tasks at hand. And finally, we are paid as your partner as we transition you and your organization to its next plateau of success and productivity. In some cases our involvement is limited by the nature of the task before us. In others, client companies request our participation on an ongoing basis. Still others request our services as interim management or as outside board members for the long term. Our approach, simply, is to provide what you want, what you need, when you require it, all in an affordable and efficient way. Transition Partners is here to serve you.