Our Clients

Having served over 125 “clients” in our history since 1994, their ranges, sizes, and locations have been as diverse as our expertise, to be sure. We have truly been blessed!

With a resolute focus on firms with proprietary, unique technology–Transition Partners has served pharmaceutical, computer software/SaaS, bio-tech, Internet, medical device, call center, agricultural technology, computer hardware, retail healthcare, diagnostics, medical supply, computer firmware, and many other NON-healthcare related businesses over the past three decades with pride and intensity.  Just ask them!

In addition, we have completed assignments in our own backyard here in Colorado, throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America, as well as in Europe and the Pan-Pacific/Asian region.  There may be an area of the world which is not in our geographic domain…but we are not aware of it!

Many of our client portfolio companies are revenue positive, even though some have not yet reached sustainable or predictable profitability.  Although we take calculated risks with our friends, we are prudent in our approach.  While occasionally we will assist in start-up financings, we traditionally concentrate on facilitating the provisioning of capital to aid in business turn-arounds, going public/going private deals, acquisition leveraging, business unit or product line divestitures, general working capital sourcing and the like.  We see ourselves as well versed here!

Similarly, having acted successfully as both CEO and CFO of  various public/private corporations in our collective past, we feel we can confidently provide management expertise at both the “board”  level and in the “C-suite” for our clients, if asked.  Net-net, while we are small we are nimble and expertised in what we do based in large part on our professional experience!